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Food: What's Available in Crawley?

Are you ready to make a change today? Have a look at what's available now in Crawley. If you have any questions, contact us on 01293 585317, email wellbeing@crawley.gov.uk or complete our online enquiry form.

Your Great Swapathon

The Great Swapathon is a fun New Year activity from Change4Life to help you and your family make small, simple changes to eat well, move more and live longer. It’s easy, fun, free and tailored to you or your family. For more information view the The Great Swapathon website.

Weight Off Workshops (WoW)

Lucy WoW is a 12 week weight-management programme that Crawley Wellbeing is running on behalf of the GP surgeries in Crawley. the programme consists of weekly hour and half sessions over a 12 week course that combines nutritional advice with low-level physical activity. To qualify for WoW you must be over 18, have a BMI (Body Mass Index) of around 30*, have a desire to commit to the programme and be able to make the weekly sessions. To take part ask your GP or practice nurse to complete the Weight Off Workshops referral form today or contact us.
*Speak to your GP to see if you qualify. Try an on-line BMI calculator to get an estimate of your BMI.

Lucy Bartholomew recently completed a WoW course and lost 14lbs over 10 weeks. This did not involve following a set diet but making small changes to her eating and activity resulting in a big difference to her health and wellbeing. Lucy said: "I've lost weight and gained confidence, motivation and a new lust for life. My diet changes have been simple and I'm no longer ruled by food. For the first time ever I am embracing exercise and how good it makes me feel. WoW is an incredible life changing experience."

One-to-One support with your local Health Trainer

Health Trainers Crawley has three Health Trainers on hand to give one-to-one advice to people who want to lead healthier lives. This free service is available to adults aged 18-65 who want support on anything from diet, exercise, quitting smoking or cutting back on alcohol. You can receive six to eight sessions with a Health Trainer over three months. Health Trainers are there to support you through the process. One person who skipped meals, snacked on crisps and chocolate and ate regular takeaways has made significant progress. "She wanted to improve her diet," said Sonya Nacev, a Health Trainer. "Now she's eating three balanced meals a day and carries satsumas in her pocket as a snack. She feels so much better and the change in diet has improved her mental wellbeing." For more information call the Health Trainers on 01293 657154 or download a leaflet.

Why Weight – Your Choice

If you feel that you need to lose weight, there is help and support available to you in West Sussex. If you are an adult with a Body Mass Index (BMI) over 30, or over 28 with other health problems, then you could lose weight with our:

For more information click here or call 0300 123 0892 (Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm)


MEND logoMEND is a community, family-based programme for overweight and obese children aged between 7-13 and their families. The multidisciplinary programme places equal emphasis on (M)ind, (E)xercise and (N)utrition… (D)o it!. It combines all the elements known to be vital in treating and preventing overweight or obesity in children, including family involvement, practical education in nutrition, increasing physical activity and behavioural change. With an emphasis on practical, fun learning the programme is designed to deliver sustained improvements in families’ diets, fitness levels and overall health.

Sign up for the MEND programme.

Cardio-Vascular Risk Nurse Specialist

By looking after ourselves, especially our hearts, it becomes easier to grow old healthily, without having to cope with the burden of too much illness.

Most people gain a little weight as the years go by. A few pounds over time are fine but people who gain more than 20lbs compared to their weight as an 18-year-old will rapidly increase the risk of health problems. Being overweight can also play a part in causing high blood pressure, as can lack of exercise, too much salt in the diet and not eating enough fruit and veg. This is where the Cardiac Risk Nurse, based at Crawley Hospital, comes in. His aim is to help individuals shake off the risk of chronic illness by looking after their hearts. Click to download a flyer with more information. If you have high blood pressure or cholesterol, suffer from diabetes or have a weight issue call Crawley Wellbeing.

NEW ~ Weekly WoW (for WoW Graduates)

New weekly sessions for all WOW graduates! Weigh-in, chat, support, information and exercise* every week.

Monday 11.30am - 12.15pm & Wednesday 6:45pm – 7:30pm at K2 Crawley, as well as Thursday 6:45 - 7:30 Ifield Community College. Come along when you feel the need - every week or just when it suits you.

*Please note that exercise instructor may not be GP referral qualified. Download the WOW flyer.

NEW ~ Change4Life Just For Me

One of the best ways to be healthy is to make some swaps and build them into your life for the long term. The more you do, the better you'll feel - and you won't have to say 'no' to everything.

Click to visit the change4life website for tips and ideas intended to get you started on a path to better health. If you want to lose significant amounts of weight or have an existing health condition you may want to consult your doctor.

Local weight loss groups

There are groups that you can go to who will provide you with diet plans and exercise regimens to help you to lose weight. Going regularly can motivate you to keep going and and get helpful hints and tips along the way.
In Crawley the following groups operate:

Weightwatchers - 01403 217203
Rosemary Conley - 01737 761442
Crawley Slimming Club - 01293 776478

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