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More and more organisations are realising that their biggest asset is their workers and therefore the importance of promoting employee wellbeing together with an understanding that it is better to prevent a problem before it occurs.

Employee wellbeing has become a key issue as organisations face the costs and potential impact of high absence levels, employee ill-health (especially dealing with long term illness), muscular skeletal injuries, mental health issues and obesity. In addition the workforce is aging and there is a need for individuals to continue working productively beyond the normal retirement age and therefore a necessity to recognise the diverse needs of staff.

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Happy, healthy and motivated workforce supports:


There are many issues relating to workplace wellbeing:

There are occasions when our home life has an impact on our work. For example, people may be struggling with debt; they could have a family member who is disabled or unwell; dealing with divorce or even an event such as flood or fire.

As an Employer what can you do?

The workplace is a great setting to promote wellbeing initiatives to help prevent:

Click to visit the Government Business Link website. This site offers guidance on many wellbeing and occupational health problems together with Guide downloads from HSE


There are strong links between good health and work. Being out of work can lower self esteem and confidence. Your health can have a direct impact on how well you do your job. If you are feeling happy and healthy you will inevitably do your job to a better standard than if you are feeling stressed or unwell.

If you are happy at work you are not so likely to take work problems home with you and therefore you will have a better work home balance.

And of course a good attendance record will be something a new employer always asks about.

Returning to Work

It is not only your employer who is responsible for your wellbeing at work - we all have a role to play.

Benefits of working:

Taking time off work is not always the best way to speed up your recovery. There can sometimes be long term consequences of being absent from work for a long time.


Employment advice services have been introduced in some GP surgeries to help people manage financial difficulties including debt problems. Debt counselling or advice from Citizens Advice Bureau can help.

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